The scientific approach

EQUIVAL has followed a question-based methodological approach to collect relevant data from case studies to explore our main idea. A question-based approach is based on developing an iterative process by looking at case studies.

Firstly, general information about each of the case studies was gathered (e.g. what is at stake).

Secondly, relevant qualitative information about the characteristics of the plural valuation process of each case study was taken into account, such as the type of decisions or decision making processes in which diverse values were included/not included and why, and the equity and sustainability outcomes associated with those decisions. This qualitative information was used to feed a bottom-up development of an conceptual framework and to develop a systematized protocol aimed at extracting more detailed information from the case studies. Both the analytical framework and the systematized set of questions were refined during two three-day workshops (June 2018 in Morelia, Mexico; and October 2018 in Bangalore, India).

By gathering this information in your case study you will explore how and to what extent the valuation process that is taking place in your case can lead to outcomes that are deemed more sustainable and equitable.

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Conceptual framework

Analytical framework

Systematized data gathering

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