Workshop in Guikuri (Basque Country, Spain)

From 27 to 29 of May 2019 part of the EQUIVAL team met in Guikuri (Basque Country, Spain) to advance with the scientific paper from the case studies data gathered.  

Workshop in Bangalore (India)

From 3 to the 5 of October 2018 the EQUIVAL team met in Bangalore (India) to draft the outline, key figures/tables and key messages/abstract of a scientific paper from the case studies data gathered, and to elaborate the backbone of a research proposal for EQUIVAL2.0.  

Workshop in Morelia (Mexico)

From 21 to the 23 of June 2018 the EQUIVAL team met in Morelia to foster interaction between case studies partners and discuss about approaches for analyzing the information they can provide (bottom up building up of the analytical framework and systematized data gathering approach); and brainstorming the outline of a scientific manuscript.

Workshop in Oaxaca (Mexico)

From 11 to the 13 of November 2017 a group of experts gathered to have general discussions regarding diverse values in practice. As a result, the group came up with ideas to build a common mission, vision and strategy, steps forward to strengthen a science-practice network and broad ideas to prepare scientific papers based on […]

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